Hello, future software developer

Do you want to learn programming fast? Then you should do a coding bootcamp!

In this book, I will show you everything about them: what they are, the different models, how to choose one, how to pay for it...

But also what it means to be a software developer, the software development roles, and how to get your first job in tech.

Are you ready to take the leap?

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Become an Expert in Coding Bootcamps

We will go over about what aspects make coding bootcamps work and how you can increase your odds of success (backed by reports). We will elaborate a bootcamp list together so you narrow down your choices and take the best option for you.

Be in the skin of a Software Developer

Before taking any big decisions, take a sneak peak into the software development roles and what it really means to be a software developer. Discover what to look for in your first job and how to spot good startups to work for.

A Personal Journey

This is NOT a boring book with large definitions and technical verbosity. This book contains my own experience (and others) about breaking into tech trough coding bootcamps. I've had dozens of informal conversations with friends and co-workers where I explained everything I knew; this book it's a way to have mine with you.